I accidently discovered how to make it rain in August 2011 with materials from Wal-Mart.  I have scoured the internet and have yet to discover any of my techniques I learned while I was changing the weather.

These techniques are unique and not that hard to do for the average person.  They require less than $1000 in capital to buy the materials and run for 2-4 months if they are used correctly and costs between $2000-3000 to run/year. 

I don't participate in weather control anymore because I found out it's against the law to do it unless you have a permit from the gov't, however, read the next sentence.  Bah!!!!  LOL!

Each and every day human activity plays a part in controlling the weather.  It is not illegal to control the weather if you are not trying to do it and it is a by-product of corporate, business, or everyday activities.  Bah-Bah!!!!

Airplanes are one of the biggest culprits to weather control/climate change because it has been estimated that there is 3+% more cloud cover on earth because of them.  My theory is that airplanes are contributing to climate change/global warming more than anything else because each year there are more planes in the air and more trips made and the clouds they produce are heat-trapping.  My theory also is that climate change has very little to do with carbon dioxide.  Ask yourself this, how would the dinosaurs have survived with 5 times the level of carbon dioxide we have now and the intense heat it should have produced?  Bah!!!! LoL.  

I want an empire larger than Donald Trump could ever dream of.  If all goes as planned, I will be the richest man in the world when I retire.  I have so many dreams and so little money to go with.  I want you to help me out and I will help you out.