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Imagine if some group takes these and hits Washington D.C. and the White House.  The headlines might read,  "Donald Trump struck by lightning in the White House, Antifa/BLM/ISIS/Democrats takes credit.  Claims to have used Lightning Balls".  I'm just kidding about the headlines because I don't want anybody to get hurt, but it would be awesome for exposure.

SPEAKING OF DEALS, GET THIS!  If you will go buy a $5 can of white upside down marking paint and paint RAINTEACHER.COM or COECAIN.COM in all caps (start with a big double-lined 2-3 foot R then go 20-60 feet up the road and write an big double-lined 2-3 foot A and go up 20-60 feet and write a big double-lined 2-3 foot I and go 20-60 feet up and write a big double-lined 2-3 foot N and so on and so forth until RAINTEACHER.COM or COECAIN.COM is spelled out) on the pavement somewhere, I will give you $10K.  See below... 

After you send me a short video of what you painted, I will give you $10,000 when $100 billion is raised.  Do it at your own risk and e-mail your video to rainteacher101@gmail.com.

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 I'm probably not, but I might be the second coming of Jesus.  I don't know yet and won't know until I have $100 billion.  All I know is Revelation 1:7 says he's coming with the clouds...and when $100 billion is raised, I'm gonna bring it like a mofo and going to stop some of this foolishness that we have got into.  Imagine Jesus with $100 billion.  WWJD?  I'm going to do what he would do.

Whether I'm Jesus or not, I will show you how to do the miracle that Jesus performed with the fishes and loaves of bread when he fed the 5,000 except I am going to feed millions.


You can call/text me at 870 351 0139 or use the contact us page or forum if you have any questions.  No booty calls please.  I already got mother nature for that. 

​Now let's begin:

I know how to make it rain/snow from the sky and have since August 2011 when I got 1/2 inch of rain on my first try using $50 worth of materials and 2 1/2 inches 7 days later with my second try using $100 worth of materials I got from Wal-Mart.  The temperature was 2-3 degrees cooler than surrounding areas at my location because of the cloud cover and I dropped the temperature 30 degrees with a cold front on the second try. 

I got very good at what I was doing and became a master at it, learning different techniques as I went.  I learned what to do and what not to do to control the climate around me.  

Thanks to KAIT8's old free high definition weather channel, I was able to see myself and everything weather related.  I saw a fireworks show blow up a small thunderstorm 50 miles away 1 hour after the show. 

Fireworks can and do modify the weather under the right conditions.  It's a little expensive for my tastes as shows can cost $10,000's and only works under precise conditions and is not that powerful.  I like the $1-$100 stuff that works in general conditions and has some umph to it like kitty litter and Arm & Hammer baking soda does to make it snow.

I was almost addicted to the godlike feeling of controlling the weather and what I could see on their tv channel.  They took it off the air.  Petition them to bring it back please!

I found out that I was doing was illegal because the United States Department of Commerce wants to know when and where you are going to modify the weather with a permit.  If you don't have a permit, it's a $10,000 fine for each occurance once you know about the law so I quit controlling the weather because I didn't want them knowing about my methods since I couldn't find any of my methods on the internet although I did find a .mil paper on how to make a hurricane.

Everything humans do modifies the weather, from driving a car to what color your house is to airplanes.

It is not illegal to modify the weather in the normal course of business or everyday life like airplanes do (they put down contrails as a by-product of combustion and make 3% less sunlight hit the ground than if there was no airplanes) or as cities do (they create heat and provide lift to clouds) or if you modify the weather as a part of normal everyday life without trying to modify the weather.  Only when trying to control/modify the weather is it illegal to do without a permit.

I'm not advocating people modify or try to control the weather without a permit, I'm just wanting to let you know that we could see the end of drought and global warming if we chose to do so.  It's so cheap to do. 

I think that it would cost between $100-500 million per year to control the planet's weather and stop global warming and drought with much of that cost being labor. It might even be cheaper.

ISo, here's my sphiel:  I think that if it was coordinated right, we the people could drop the temperature of Earth 2-4 degrees or more (we might could start an ice age) so my slogan is, "Together we can change the weather".  

Although it is illegal to do (without a permit), I am offering to show everybody this valuable information that you may spread the message far and wide.  (Refer to Revelations 1:7.) 

I will host a forum (click it after you're done reading) and release the information here and there when $100 billion is raised; after $100 billion is raised, I will teach you how to stop global warming and drought by controlling the weather.

The information will astonish and astound you and you won't believe it until you try it if you dare.  You'll learn how to make clouds, rain, snow, break heat waves with cold fronts, stop global warming, and lots lots more on a poor man's budget!  

​As a bonus, I have an idea for a creek restoration/fishing company and organic, GMO-free agricultural companies (that is a niche market, but an huge unclaimed niche market at the time) that I want to form (with 10-20% of the fish donated to feed the multitudes of hungry by providing food banks with fresh meat), and I will gift or donate 1 share of stock or membership unit to you for every $1 you pay me for showing you how to control the weather and stop global warming and drought when $100 billion is raised.  

I talked to a stock attorney and he said it was legal to offer shares of Coecain stock this way since the company wasn't formed yet. I can't just sell stock in the company on the internet.

I speculate that 1 share of Coecain stock will be worth $100-200 or more in 10-20 years as my monopoly grows!!! 

Food is the future people!!! $100 billion will allow me to become a titan in the food industry as all my food will be organic.

Please use the Paypal button below to pay for your access to this valuable information.....

If you want stock:  you are required to send me an e-mail from our contact page also with a valid e-mail address I can reach you at for correspondence and stock issuance*.  You must match the name from the Paypal account in the name portion of the contact page or tell me what the name you used on Paypal.  (You can sign up multiple times for more shares of stock!!!)  

If you do not want stock but want to give towards me showing you how to control the weather and stop global warming and drought, simply don't send me an e-mail from my contact page or e-mail address to my P.O. Box.

If you do not want to use a credit or debit card with Paypal to pay me to teach you how to control the weather and stop global warming and drought, please send a check, money order, or cash to:

Thomas Coe

P.O. Box 3

Cord, AR 72524

​​Be sure to include a name, mailing address and and e-mail I can reach you at if sending money by mail.

Pay me to teach you how to stop global warming and drought by controlling the weather now!!!  You can give as little as $3.50 (click on the down arrow by the $100.00), or as much as $10,000.00, make a difference, and help me try to start a monopoly. Trust me, I have this awesome plan that is my dream, I just need money to go with it (I really need $100 billion) and stopping global warming and drought is my gift to humanity.  Don't think of it as paying, think of it as a gift to humanity and a chance to get huge returns with the stock in 10-20 years.  

​Remember, together we can change the weather because I am a master at it. I will show you how to do lots lots more when $100 billion is raised.


If you've read this whole thing and think it's a scam (it's not!), please give me a pity like on my facebook page or head over to my forum and talk about a scam where there's a guy who thinks he knows how to stop global warming and drought (don't forget to mention these websites:  rainteacher.com and coecain.com).  I thank you all in advance. 

Use the contact page, text my phone number, or use my P.O Box to send me a message with a subject of "FREE STOCK" with a valid name and e-mail address and you will receive 5 free shares of stock when it is issued*.  Get your free shares of stock now!!!  (That'll probably be worth at least $500 in 10 years!!!) Limit 1 entry per person.

​​"Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses." - Plato​

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Rain Teacher


I have my face covered up in this video because I am the Cobra commander and there has never been a picture of myself on the internet and I don't plan on there being one because of the video below.  I am still awesome.  I do a rain dance in the video.

Welcome to rainteacher.com.  My name is Thomas Coe.  I am a rainmaker and commander of Cobra, G.I. Joes enemy.  I am your rain teacher and I know how to control the weather and make hurricanes and stuff!!!  I plan on taking over America and the world cause I got the biggest and best balls you've ever seen and I'm selling them in the products tab.  Take 6 minutes to read the whole site.  Don't stop baby!  I do a rain dance in the video at the bottom of this page, however be careful when slinging energy;  Fall Out Boy sings about it in one of their songs but you will have to figure out which one to understand.  

I put up a video on Aug 20,2018 showing 1 way how to make it rain by spraying water, but have since taken it down.  The above video came out on August 24, 2018 as a response I think...anyway...I am running for president of the U.S.A. under The Rain Party, here is the website: www.therainparty.com

After I first made it rain in 2011 and realized what I had done (after looking back on my life, I realized I had made it rain on 4 different occasions beginning in 1993 (1993-thunder sleet, 1996-rain, 2006-rain, 2009-rain)), I began searching and I seen a U.S. military document online that said they could make hurricanes in the Pacific to stop Atlantic hurricanes from being as intense or even forming. 

So easy peasy.

I need at least $5000 to get to a full patent on one device I have a patent pending on.  Every little bit adds up and will help me reach my goal of $100 billion to fund my global fresh water resource and fishing companies.

Previously on rainteacher.com:  ​​​​​​​​​​I know how to stop global warming and drought for less than $100 million dollars/year,​and I'm giving away free shares of stock below in my $100 billion fundraiser for the Coecain company.  WHAT A DEAL!!!  870 351 0139 

I'm giving away Coecain (primarily a fishing/creek restoration and organic, GMO-free agricultural company; but we do other things too.  See www.coecain.com) on the internet and you can buy into learning how to stop global warming and drought below if you want to get into the legal Coecain business with me.  My dream, my vision, for America!  Coecain for everyone!!!  I am giving away 1 share of stock in the Coecain company for every $1 you give me to show you how to control the weather.  You could get mildly to filthy rich if you give.  See below.

​First, I am going to tell you what to do with baking soda and kitty litter to seed the clouds.  

Drive down an interstate road that has lots of big truck traffic on it.  After (or even during the end of) a rain, while the pavement is still wet, throw 50-100 pounds of baking soda, kitty litter, or crack rocks (ha!) out the window of your vehicle on the tops of hills on the wet pavement.  

When the pavement dries and conditions are right for snow (meaning you have clouds, cold conditions, and a stationary low pressure system north of you with 15-25 mph winds) it will snow downwind of where you put out the baking soda and kitty litter as long as there is big truck traffic on that road. 

I say to use roads that are wet because if it is dry and you put baking soda out, it will blow off the roads.  If it's wet when you put it out, it sticks to the surface and wafts up every time a big truck goes by when it dries.  Baking soda is easier to put out than kitty litter so I promote that.  Kitty litter doesn't blow off the road so it can be put down on dry pavement but it is not as effective as baking soda.
It may snow 50 miles downwind and it may snow up to 200 miles downwind.  It's hard to get it to snow on top of yourself using this method.  Conditions have to be right to make it snow.  Remember that when you're putting it out.  If the atmosphere is not right for snow (meaning it has a warmer layer or something at the surface or mid layer of the atmosphere) you will get (invisible to radar) drizzle/freezing rain or nothing in the target areas. 
This is my least powerful way of making it rain/snow, so I thought I would share it with you to try for yourself.