I am releasing my first product called Lightning Balls​™.  They look like balls and you throw them up in trees to locally get 2-4 times the lightning strikes in a thunderstorm. 

They will sit up there for up to a month waiting for a thunderstorm to come and when it does, oh boy, watch out!  You'll be in for a wild ride. 

It takes about a 12 pack to make it work so I am selling them by the dozen for $105.99 and that includes shipping and handling. 

They work on an ionization principle and are effective for up to a month from deployment.  They deactivate about 2 hours after getting wet.

You should wear eye protection (goggles) when deploying lightning balls as the materials in them can seriously harm your eyes and lead to blindness.  Always wear a mask when deploying lightning balls.  To avoid skin irritation, always wear gloves and wash your hands good after handling lightning balls.  Never ingest the material in lightning balls.  Lightning balls are recommended only for ages 18+.  Keep out of reach of children.

Under no circumstances will I be revealing the formulation of lightning balls!!!


See the press release below for more details about lightning balls.

Press Release

Rain Teacher Thomas Coe Releases First Product Called Lightning Balls.

Inventor/Rainmaker Thomas Coe has invented a product that will make lightening strike around wherever they're deployed.  He calls them Lightning Balls™.

Coe says they are not going to magically make lightning strike around them without a thunderstorm being present in the general area, but only enhance a storm when it comes to a local area.  

Coe says he designed this is for his fellow lightning lovers who want a big show when a thunderstorm is going to hit  their area.  He says they will make 2-4x the lightning of a normal storm. 

To deploy lightning balls, all one has to do is throw them up in tree branches and they will wait there patiently for up to a month putting out their ions waiting for a thunderstorm to appear.

Lightning Balls work much like electric ionizers (link) that ionize the air and particles around them.

Lightning Balls are made up of a nylon outer covering that holds the materials that ionize the atmosphere locally. 

The materials used is a secret but Coe says it is ionized and electrified and precautions should be made not to get it in one's eyes because it could cause blindness and people should wash their hands well after handling them because the secret materials are caustic as well.  

Thomas Coe is a cattle farmer, rainmaker, and a rain teacher who came up with the idea of lightning balls in 2011 after he discovered his first rainmaking methods.  He says he actually came up with the design for them in 2006 but didn't know what he had at the time.

Coe is selling his Lightning Balls™ exclusively on his website, rainteacher.com, where he is also trying to sell how to control the weather for $100 billion.  He thinks it would only cost $100 million/year to control earth's weather if done correctly.  His lightning balls are $105.99 for a 12 pack and that includes shipping and handling.

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